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Big John

Happy Birthday Jamie!

I joined this community a while ago, but never got around to introducing myself. It's probably easier to just look at my user info to find out about me.

My youngest son, Jamie, has Down Syndrome. He lives with his mom; I generally get to see him every other weekend. My 2 older kids are 22 and 23, so they're off on their own, but when we all get together, we have a lot of fun!

Jamie turns 15 today! I have trouble grasping the fact that he's that old. I still think of him as being much younger, especially because of his lack of verbal skills.

It just occurred to me that I don't have many pictures of him uploaded anywhere. Here's the second-most recent one, from when he came to work with me one day last June:

I'm almost finished editing some pix to upload to my LJ scrapbook, so there will be more to follow ...finally!!!

We'll be having his usual Bowling Party for his b'day on Saturday. I'm still not quite sure what to get him for his birthday. He loves looking at pictures, and his mom occasionally gets him a disposable camera so he can take his own. Jamie usually takes one or two good shots out of 12. So I'd like to get him a cheap ($40 or less) digital camera. I tried bidding for one on ebay last night, but was outbid sometime this morning. I can't access ebay at work.

Maybe I'll check out Best Buy tonight and see what they've got. Unless any of you out there have a digicam they're willing to part with ...???
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