Richard Hudson (rhduson765) wrote in downsyndrome,
Richard Hudson

Needed: A co moderator and members for a self advocacy mailing list

NEEDED: A Talkative, friendly, chatty outgoing sensitive, caring, person with good people skills who can start and sustain conversations with people with developmental, learning, and cognitive disabilities. Someone who will treat people with disabilites as equals and not condecend to them.
Someone who can find new suatiable members for this mailing list and convince them to join. And someone who will accept a person with a developmental disability as a both an equal AND a leader and will not try to take over.

I will still handle all of the administrative tasks and still assist in direct support, (finding local recources, CIL, etc) but I need someone to help with the conversational portion of running a list such as finding new members, running chat rooms, advertisting this list on other disability lists, etc.

A Description of the list

This is a mailing list for Self Advocates and other adults and with Developmental, Intellectual, Neurological or Learning Disabilities. I am a Self Advocate from Connecticut who created this list because even though there are alot of mailing lists for PARENTS of people like us, there are'nt any mailing lists for Self Advocates and other Mentally or Learning disabled people other than mailing lists created by Autistic People. This list is open to people with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities, Mental Handicaps, Spina Bifida People in Special Olympics NO FIGHTING PLEASE !!!! This list is NOT OPEN to Parents or Professionals, at least for now, because there are lots of lists for them. THIS LIST IF FOR US!! Please tell any people that you know with disabilites about this list.
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