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Pink and purple princesses

I just had the inspired thought to see if anyone else around was interested in Down syndrome. I found you all. Gee. Who woulda thunk? So, I'm crossposting my most recent entry from my personal journal....

I felt strangely energetic after getting off work tonight. Energetic enough to venture out to Target in the company of the girl with something extra (chromosomally). She actually is much easier to shop with now. BUT. She located the princess section in the girls department. I didn't even know there was such a section. Furry tiaras, boas, princess mirrors that light up and talk, princess pillows, princess duffle bags, all sorts of princess doodads...oh yes. Princess skirts and tops. She didn't even ask to buy everything. She settled for a tiara. However, she had to model things in front of the mirror. Standing around, waiting for her, I realized my surge of afterwork energy was a sham. Ah well. You live, you learn....

And now the princess sleeps. She is fooling me, wrapping her true self in the guise of an obedient, cheerful child. She is sly, this Downy wonder. Much more savvy than those unfamiliar with trisomy 21 culture would ever suspect. But I know. Yes, I do....I'll be watching.....
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