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Tiny Dancer

My 7-year-old daughter had her first dance recital last weekend. I have to say, first, how very proud I am of her! She did a great job. She remembered the routine perfectly for the performance, and smiled the whole time, clearly having a ball.

She's much smaller than her peers: literally half the size of some of them! She's in a class with slightly younger girls, but it's still hard for her to keep up. But she works very hard at it.

During the dress rehearsal, Girly-Girl came in too early for one of her entrances. As soon as the routine was over, the Leader of the group (not the teacher, but the alpha dancer, probably 5 or 6) walked over and started scolding my Girly-Girl for messing it up. But she had forgotten the 50 or so mothers in the audience--who immediately began to roar with laughter. I felt sorry for her. She took it so seriously! As soon as she heard the laughter, she looked out at the audience, stricken, and immediately stopped. I caught her in the dressing room to tell her I admire her commitment to excellence.

But when they danced for the actual show, my daughter never missed a beat. Other girls did: one fell, another pair forgot the routine and stood front-and-center watching the other dancers to try to remember it). But my Girly-Girl danced like she owned the stage. And her smile says more than any words I could find about how she felt about it.

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