andrea (clarabellemcnts) wrote in downsyndrome,

Please help! for my senior thesis thingus


I'm a senior at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and for my senior thesis I'm researching the effects that technological and societal solutions have on the lives of people with disabilities, focusing on the young adult age range.
Basically, I want to see if people feel they are more or less independent than they would otherwise have been, given a lack of these "fixes". For the sake of a manageable (and understandable thesis for profs that are less familiar with various disabilities), I have decided to focus my research on Navigation, Communication, and Transportation/Mobility. Navigation is focused on low vision/visual impairment, how people gain confidence walking around in unfamiliar places, and what are some more fixes that could be employed, but are not, as of yet. Communication has the same type of questions, this time focused on people with low hearing/hearing impairment, and transportation/Mobility has more to do with how people who cannot walk/walk well on their own are still people. I have a sister with Downs Syndrome, and a cousin with low vision; my main purpose behind this topic of research is showing that people are people, no matter their own abilities. Everyone needs help in one form or another, with some people, that help is a little more physically obvious. If you could give me your impressions of what has helped you the most and least, I would greatly appreciate it. Either reply here, or AIM me at theblondefield or email me theblondefield at gmail dot com.

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