Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor. (_wish_i_knew) wrote in downsyndrome,
Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor.


hi, im new here.
im seventeen and have an older sister with downs. she is twenty seven. she is recently comming off anti-depressant medication which she took for over a year. going through depression with natalie was very difficult for the entire family. she refused to eat, had constant insomnia, incredible tantrums and we had to teach her to use the toilet all over again. the change in her was intense. she is a very bright young lady. she has a wicked sense of humor that catches all of us off guard. she is sociable and very smart. she can read and write fairly decently and loves to draw. her artwork is magnificant. she currently holds a government sponsered job and attends a workshop during the week with other mentally disabled adults. she's slowly coming around again. she is back to taking care of herself and definately has her appetite back (she loves to eat). although i love my sister immensely, there have been a lot of ups and downs. i hope to learn from other's experiences and share my own.

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That is alot to deal with. I honestly think women may have a disadvantage when it comes to disability. Us women take things so seriously we are disabled as it is! My son is only 8 with DS so I am not claiming to be an expert on everything. He may yet go through something similair or maybe he already is? It is great that your family is keeping on top of things.
wow...it sounds almost like my life story...my older brother is 27 as well and i am 20. Fortunately,my brother did not/does not have depression but my parents do so you can imagine...anyways,it's nice to meet you....and by the way,my name is merissa.

HI My name is Richard Hudson. I'm an autistic (we don't use people first language to describe ourselves) 30 year old who who also has severe depression? Did you discover WHY she was depressed. Depression can be much harder for people with developmental or cognative disabilites because we may have trouble expressing WHY we are depressed. My depression is mainly caused by the fact that I don't seem to fit in anywhere, even among other autistics and the fact that im so lonely and bored with life.

I amso run a mailing list for people with developmental disabilities on yahoo Called Self Advocates Connecting online.